Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Buy Through Another Currency?

    Yes, you can buy our products with any currency. To change currency do the following steps.

    Step 1 :

    Add product to cart

    Step 2 :

    When the cart is loaded scroll down the page then you will see the option to change the currency.

    Select the currency which you want to use to buy products…

  • Can I Install Wordpress?

    Yes, you can install wordpress with our cPanel Hosting.

  • Which Hosting Should I Purchase?

    If you want to make website/blog for your personal use or you are begginer in this field then you should start with shared hosting. If you want to create a advanced site then you should purchase VPS or dedicated servers.

  • What is TLDs?

    TLD stands for top level domains. .com , .net , .xyz are some examples of top level domains.

  • Why I Need Hosting And Domains

    Hosting and domains are required to create a blog or website. Hosting is required to host your website and domains are the identity of your blog/site.